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Gift cards are an excellent choice to let your friend or family member mix & match from our selection of Toys and/or Essential Oils 

We almost always throw in some extra goodies 🤪! Who ever complained about getting spoiled???

Buy our ultimate pet friendly gift card package.   (always use essential oils with utmost care around pets 💞 some pets can be allergic to essential oils and for some pets it can be highly beneficial. You can read more about the do's and don'ts of aromatherapy for pets here: 

$10 - 1 Natural Eco-Friendly Toy OR 1 Pure Essential Oil (Lavender or Eucalyptus). 

$25 - 2 Natural Eco-Friendly Toys + 1 Pure Lavender Essential Oil (10ml) OR Chew Toy 

$50 - 5 Natural Eco-Friendly Toys + Pure Lavender Essential Oil (10ml) OR Chew Toy  (Free Shipping)

$100 - Natural Eco-Friendly Toys + 4 Essential Oils (Free Shipping)

$150 - 11 Natural Eco-Friendly Toys + 6 Essential Oils  (Free Shipping) 

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"The reindeer soon became my Westie's favorite toy!"

Dr. Chandan Preet