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My puppy loves these. Great for small dogs that are teething & tugging

Shelly GraffAmazon Canada Buyer

This ball is the perfect size for my 90 pound boy! It doesn’t fit under the couch, so he never looses it! We’ve had it for over a month and he still hasn’t destroyed it either and he is a shredder! Definitely going to be purchasing other toys from this line.

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Good value for price.Holding up well on our 2 year old rott.

RickAmazon Canada Buyer

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Indestructible Dog Toys

Indestructible Dog Toys

Is it a myth or a reality? Since I launched my brand - TyPaw, the one question I get asked the most over and over again is: how soon will my dog destroy this toy? It's a valid yet interesting question because, in my opinion, a 'determined' dog will destroy nearly anything. It also depends on the breed and what stage your pup is in. A...

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Different Kind of Bulldogs or Bulldogges

Different Kind of Bulldogs or Bulldogges

If you have a Bulldog, a Frenchie, an Oldie, an American, French De Bordeaux, or even the traditional kind, here are some traits & facts that are common to all. Bulldogs were used to bait bulls in the 18th century and hence they are most known for being stubborn and tenacious. Since bull-baiting was practiced in London, UK; Bulldogs are well associated with the English...

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