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Loved by both Cats & Dogs 🤪 Pull Rope Toy | Tug-of-War Certified | Great for Chewing

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🐕  Two Handle Pull Rope Toy - This toy is perfect for both indoor & outdoor play & excellent for tug-of-war. Keep your puppies away from chewing your carpet by safely giving them our rope toys that they can chew away for hours.

🌱 🌳 100% ORGANIC FREE OF CHEMICALS - All our toys are carefully designed using high-quality plant-based fibers. Even our dyes are all plant-based, natural dyes making our toys completely free of chemicals that are known to be naturally found in cotton and other fibers.

😺  GREAT SCRATCH TOY FOR KITTENS - All our organic toys make great scratch material for cats that love to scratch. You can even hang these toys for your cats to swat at them for fun.

🪀 All our toys are lightweight and make an excellent choice for playing catch, tug of war, or doing agility training. These toys can be easily washed in cold water. 




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"The reindeer soon became my Westie's favorite toy!"

Dr. Chandan Preet