Indestructible Dog Toys

Indestructible Dog Toys

Is it a myth or a reality?

Since I launched my brand - TyPaw, the one question I get asked the most over and over again is: how soon will my dog destroy this toy? It's a valid yet interesting question because, in my opinion, a 'determined' dog will destroy nearly anything. It also depends on the breed and what stage your pup is in. A teething puppy will definitely want to chew and destroy nearly anything vs an older dog who may not be as destructive.

'Indestructible' toys are a myth and a marketing strategy that a lot of brands use to get your attention. And guess what! They succeed in doing just that. When you bring your furbaby home, you spend time researching the type of food to feed your dog (raw vs kibble), you do your research in finding the best veterinary for your baby because you want to be a doting 'pawrent'. Yet somehow the one thing that gets overlooked the most is WHAT TYPE OF TOY your pup is playing with.

Why is it important to do your research when it comes to toys?

The consumer product safety commission has zero regulations when it comes to the pet industry especially toys. That means the 'indestructible dog toy' that your 'oh-so-cute puppy' is chewing is likely full of carcinogenic substances such as chromium and lead. Traces of PVC have known to be found in their toys as well.

Isn't that scary? These substances are dangerous to your puppy's health because over time they can cause tumors in their bodies. As appealing as it might be to give that 'tennis ball' to your furbaby, stop and think twice! There are safe alternatives for your pup that loves to chew. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly toys do exist, you just have to do your research. TyPaw is a brand that firmly believes in providing non-toxic bio-degradable plant-based toys made entirely from Jute so, if your pup were to ingest a few fibers you know it won't harm them in any way. We deliberately keep our price points affordable because we understand that dogs will eventually chew nearly everything. So why not save your self from a huge potential vet bill in the future and invest in SAFE PET TOYS today!

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