Indestructible Dog Toys - A Myth or a Reality

Why TyPaw

Why TyPaw

People often ask the reason 'why' I started TyPaw. It's a great question and one I have thought about often in various different situations and although I have build on my WHY over time, the premise never changed.

Why I do what I do?
When Tyke ingested a piece of plastic toy I learned how harmful it was to have a foreign object in him . Among other reasons, a major reason being plastic is full of chemicals and carcinogens and, extremely harmful for him.

After endless hours of research and learning about the lack of regulations by the consumer product safety commission to check any toxicity levels in pet toys, I couldn't help but wonder what steps were being taken by the existing brands to ensure toy safety for our beloved furry friends. And if you are anything like me, this thought may have crossed your mind as well. It's tough enough knowing that our time spent with our best friend is limited due to their short life span and exposing them to such harsh substances that pose a further threat to their already limited lifespan is heart wrenching.

We live in a generation where young adults, retired elderly people, people with disabilities are relying on pets not just to make great companions but also for emotional support.

When you're a 'dog mom' or a 'dog dad' or both, you find yourself often caught in a flux due to a barrage of products and brands that endorse healthy living and non-toxic toys yet continue to use plastic, nylon, rubber, cotton that are full of chemicals and harmful to our pets.

Dogs don't need complicated toys; dogs don't even see colour. They could have the most expensive toy to play with and yet be just as satisfied with a plain simple stick.

So WHY do we have to overcomplicate something so simple?

Hence, I made a resolve to give other like minded pet parents healthy and safe alternatives not just in food choices but also interactive toys. I firmly believe our furry family members deserve standards when it comes to toys.

It is inevitable that we cannot always safely keep our pets away from toxic substances (curiosity even kills dogs not just cats) but, as their trusted companions we can make the right choices and that's why TyPaw exists. We take the complicated out of our toy making process, use simple non-toxic plant extract fibre such as Jute or Bamboo to create a toy that you and your pooch can safely play with.





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