Indestructible Dog Toys - A Myth or a Reality

Pet Healthcare

Wouldn't you agree that Prevention is better than Cure? This applies as much to humans as it does to canines and felines and, with all the technological advancements in this day and age, that gap is now being narrowed thanks to innovative companies like Mars PetCare. Their genetic testing unit Wisdom Health™ has been actively working on early detection of breed specific health problems. This is great news for breeders, veterinarians and pet owners as it can give us great insight into our pet's health at a very early stage.

With Mars Petcare recently acquiring Genoscoper Laboratories that specializes in molecular diagnostics, here is what we can expect:

- Improvement in animal welfare through early detection of genetic diseases both breed and mixed breed specific that will in turn help veterinarians, pet owners and breeders tackle health problems early on in a more responsible manner.

- Information about our dog's breed ancestry (This is already in effect)

- A new feline test called Optimal Selection™ that will help identify genetically associated conditions in felines.

 Interested in learning more about their project and keeping up to date? Here is the original source. Credit: Mars Petcare

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